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George Foreman is a household name: a two-time former World Heavyweight Champion and a highly successful businessman. After a troubled upbringing, he began to use his size for sporting glory instead of frightening his peers and turned pro after winning a gold medal at the Mexico Olympics. Drawing on his success in the ring and in the business arena, George calls on conference delegates to unleash their true fighting spirit and face obstacles head on.


George Foreman is a household name, an Olympic gold medallist and a two-time former World Heavyweight Champion. Beyond his sporting achievements he is an ordained Baptist Minister, an author and a successful entrepreneur.

By his own admission Foreman was a troubled youth, saved from the streets of Houston by his boxing skills. As he explains in his presentation, he came to realise that he could use his size to achieve sporting victory rather than to intimidate his peers. He turned professional after securing a gold medal at the Mexico Olympics, winning thirteen fights in his first year - eleven by knockout.

With a phenomenal career during what is universally acknowledged as the golden age of heavyweight boxing, George is perhaps best known for his fight in Manilla with Muhammad Ali which became known as ‘The Rumble in the Jungle’, cited by many as the greatest boxing match of all time. Having defended his world title twice, Ali took the title from him but George regained the title an incredible twenty years later becoming the oldest heavyweight champion ever at 45.

After conquering the ring, George directed his focus onto business. Having worked on a number of household products, George worked with Russell Hobbs to combine his image and enthusiasm for healthy eating to create a fat-reducing grill. The world-renowned George Foreman Grill sold in excess of 100 million units in 15 years.

George uses his experience both in and out of the ring to inspire others, urging his audience to realise their own fighting spirit and to face obstacles head on.

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