John McEnroe (US)

John McEnroe (US)

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Winner, 17 Grand Slams

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Arguably the most captivating figure tennis has ever seen, McEnroe has since enjoyed spells as a TV host, Davis Cup captain and rock singer. He is now involved in Superset, which pitches modern players against legends in single set matches.


John McEnroe is one of the most successful players in the history of tennis, known for his intense style and his long-standing rivalry with Bjorn Borg. To many fans he brought flair, attitude and a purity of shot which make him unforgettable.

After winning the junior tournament at the French Open, McEnroe progressed to the Wimbledon semis and began to develop a reputation as a 'bad boy' alongside Jimmy Connors and Ilie Nastase. It was also in SW19 that his battles with the unflappable Swede took shape.

In their first final together, Borg started erratically but they were both in top form for the remaining sets. Borg eventually emerged victorious, winning his fifth consecutive Wimbledon. McEnroe returned a year later to defeat his nemesis and claim his first trophy.

In all John McEnroe achieved 17 Gland Slams, as well as 77 singles and another 77 doubles titles. He is still an active and successful player on the Masters circuit, and a natural commentator. Other broadcast credits include hosting The Chair game show, in which contestants had to control
their blood pressure.

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