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Former Senior Economic Advisor, UBS

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George is one of the City’s most respected voices. He explores how demographic change is affecting both the ageing West and youthful developing countries. In our case it means redrawing the line between our obligations and state entitlements – and getting to grips with income and intergenerational inequality. George argues that to avert societal and economic pressures, employers will need to hang on to talent and make us all more productive.


George is one of the most respected voices in the City and the UK economic world. As well as a broad macro-economic outlook he has a keen insight into emerging markets, and specialises in the effects of demographic shifts and the ageing society.

Formerly Senior Economic Adviser at the investment bank UBS, George has a long and distinguished career in the financial services industry. Prior to his decade at UBS he worked with Lloyds, Bank of America, the stockbroker Laurie Milbank, and merchant bank S G Warburg.

George is the author of two acclaimed books on globalisation and world economies.
The Age of Aging: How Demographics are Changing the Global Economy and Our World is a key work in the study of the economic effects of population, immigration and demography. He considers the aging populations of many developed economies and what it means for national income, welfare and productivity. At the same time George examines the developing economies with their ‘youth bulge’ and the implications for immigration and globalisation as well as broader social issues such as national security, culture and religion.

In his book
Uprising: Will Emerging Markets Shape or Shake the World Economy George sets out the threats and opportunities of the new, rapidly growing economies. He asks whether a potential financial crisis threatens big emerging markets as much as it does the developed West, especially in China with its social protests, restless new middle classes and recent change of leadership. He also examines the often overlooked economies of Eastern Europe and Turkey and asks if their potential for growth is all that is seems.

George has written extensively on many features and facets of the economy, markets and the financial crisis, and what this signals for the future. In presentations he also surveys the domestic scene, from potential growth sectors to the what happens when unemployment figures become the litmus test of everything the Government does.

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