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Chief Executive, NESTA

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Chief Executive of NESTA, Geoff is also the founder of Demos, a former advisor to Gordon Brown and Director of the Government’s Strategy Unit. He has been involved in everything from social policy to technology, and argues for a ‘social silicon valley’. Listed by the World Economic Forum as a Global Leader of Tomorrow, he also explores the relationship between morality and power.


Geoff Mulgan was chief advisor to Gordon Brown in the early 90s. He went on to become Tony Blair’s Director of Policy, head of the Government Strategy Unit and founder of the influential think tank, Demos. He has been involved at the top level in everything from social policy to technology.

Mulgan is now Chief Executive of the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts. The government-backed fund is charged with encouraging a climate of innovation. With assets of over £350m it’s also the UK’s largest source of seed finance for technology start-ups.

After becoming a Fellow of MIT and training to be a Buddhist monk, Geoff changed tack and worked in local government. He also had spells as a reporter, an investment executive and a lecturer in telecommunications, so has a rare breadth of experience informing a range of ideas.

Mulgan’s presentations cover a wide range of themes, often centred around the changing needs of communities. He argues for fresh thinking in health and education, harnessing the same entrepreneurial skills as high-tech business; and, on a different note, he analyses the uneasy relationship between government and morality.

Geoff has lectured in over thirty countries. A Visiting Professor at the LSE and Melbourne University, he is listed by the World Economic Forum amongst their ‘Global Leaders of Tomorrow.’ He is also profiled in Charles Handy’s book, The New Alchemists.

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