Dr Frank Dick OBE

Dr Frank Dick OBE

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Former Head Coach, British Athletics

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Frank has trained sporting legends from Daley Thompson to Boris Becker, and was responsible for UK athletics during a period of unprecedented success at both team and individual level. Using sport as metaphor, his presentations prepare for the challenges of business: ‘What do you want to achieve, what will it cost – and are you prepared to pay the price?’ Frank examines the four factors that can knock the wind out of your sails, and sets out how to create the right climate to win.


Frank Dick is President of the European Athletics Coaches Association and the former British Athletics Federation Director of Coaching. He has helped athletes achieve Olympic, World and European honours in numerous events, notably sprints and team relays. Under his leadership, Team GB enjoyed a period of unprecedented success.

Frank studied at Loughborough and Oregon, where he was a Fulbright Scholar specialising in biomechanics and the physiology of exercise. Combined with his training methods, this academic grounding helped establish him as the country’s leading authority in sports science.

As well as teams, Frank has trained a number of legendary individuals from Daley Thompson to Boris Becker, Denise Lewis and Justin Rose - helping them all to fulfil their potential.

Frank’s focus is on performance management, preparation and conditioning - in sport as in business. His presentation ‘The Will to Win v The Fear of Failure’ tells you how you can flick your own motivation switch and coach others to do the same. He examines four fatal fears (the factors that demotivate and knock the wind out of your sails) and demonstrates what it takes to grow and regenerate the right climate to win.

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