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Global CMO, Burger King

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Cited as one of the most creative and original marketers working in consumer brands today, Fernando considers where businesses sit in a world of trust, values, ethics and media saturation. Acclaimed for his original campaigns that often combine creativity with social and political issues, he looks at strategy, narratives, and how to embody company values in a brand.


Global marketer and transformational brand strategist, Fernando Machado is the Global Chief Marketing Officer at Burger King. Having directed a number of international brand strategies and marketing campaigns, Fernando focuses on the importance of embedding culture and purpose into every aspects of a brand.

Prior to joining Burger King, Fernando spent two decades at Unilever, and led Dove’s ground-breaking ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ campaign. The campaign was not just commercially successful, but acclaimed for its approach to women’s self-image. Since heading Burger King’s branding, the company has won multiple awards for its creative advertising and marketing campaigns, including numerous Cannes Lions. Fernando himself has been named Creative Marketer of the Year and is the only person to win Adweek’s Grand Brand Genius title twice.

Fernando has been praised for his attempts to place the Burger King brand into some of the hottest social and political issues of the moment, from using LGBT rainbow packaging in restaurants to viral campaigns looking at bullying and net neutrality. In his talks, Fernando considers the intersection between values, brand and consumers. In analysing successful brand strategies, he discusses the need for leaders to stay at the forefront of culture and embody purpose into their trademark. He conveys how to build a relationship of trust and understanding with customers through the use of narratives. Moreover, he highlights that strategic marketing is all about pushing creative boundaries, embracing change and pioneering modern designs in order to drive business growth and innovation.

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