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Daryl Fielding

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Former Brand Director, Vodafone UK

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Daryl went from New Labour’s advertising communications in the 1997 election to devising the famous Dove ‘Campaign for Real Beauty’ – secretly enlisting the daughters of the all-male board. The campaign has become a case study of purpose branding. After leading global strategy for food brands with $9bn sales, she joined Vodafone with a mission to make the provider focus on people rather than product. In speeches Daryl covers everything from brand strategy to leadership and company culture, dealing with crises in the age of social media, and understanding customers.


Daryl Fielding is best known for leading transformational global brand strategies and marketing campaigns for names such as Dove, Ford, and Cadbury. Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty is arguably one of the most famous global campaigns ever. It helped to write the rulebook on purpose branding, was featured twice on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and continues to run over a decade later.

Beyond the marketing, Daryl considers the integral relationship between culture, brand, and leadership. As Director of Brand Marketing at Vodafone she brought her experience of brands that inspire personal connections to the tech world. She shifted the mobile giant’s strategy towards people rather than phones and infrastructure. This concept of ingraining what a business does for people, rather than focusing on the products or services it provides, is at the heart of a successful company.

Daryl examines the need for businesses to understand their customers and behave accordingly. Only by empowering a workforce to make decisions can a company keep up in the digital age. Whether it’s offering exceptional customer service or dealing with crises, everyone needs to understand what the organisation stands for and to reflect that in all of their interactions. That requires leadership that is accessible and visionary, and willing to change.

Before joining Vodafone Daryl served as VP Marketing for Kraft (later Mondelez) Europe, with responsibility for leading global strategies for brands worth over $9 billion, including Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, Milka, Halls, and Trident. She oversaw the controversial takeover of Cadbury’s and offers a view of how company cultures come together and how to deal with resistance to change.

Prior to Kraft, Daryl was Commercial Director of The Independent and The Independent on Sunday. During her advertising career, which included top agencies such as Ogilvy, DDB and Lowe, one highlight was leading all the advertising communications for the Labour Party during the 1997 General Election.

In The Brand Book: An insider’s guide to brand building for businesses and organizations, Daryl provides a straightforward and practical guide to the fundamentals of brands and branding, enabling anyone in business to create their own powerful brand.

Daryl appeared in the Channel 4 documentary Mad Women, which featured pioneering women who made iconic TV adverts that changed the world.

In presentations Daryl looks at what modern business leadership means, and the six keys to achieving it. She considers how a company can bring a brand to life and tell their story differently and coherently. She is also involved in a scheme to encourage apprenticeships in the media and speaks passionately about training and the need for diversity in the industry.

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Daryl adds wit and humility to an impressive resumé. She’s hugely personable and approachable – she seems to embody the ethos she's helped cultivate at brands and businesses across the board. She's also keen to share her sense of fun, tearing up the rulebook and laying some sacred cows to rest; but for me what makes Daryl an exceptional guest speaker is how sensitive she is to the culture and concerns of her audience. JLA Agent Carrie Wood

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