Daniel Libeskind (Canada)

Daniel Libeskind (Canada)

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World Trade Centre Architect

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Libeskind is renowned for his multi-disciplinary approach, shown in the Jewish Museum in Berlin and in his proposals for New York – the most symbolically significant project for decades. Libeskind explores how we might live and work in the future.


Daniel Libeskind is an international figure in architecture and urban design, known for his multi-disciplinary approach. His most high profile project is the World Trade Center site in New York.

Marked out as one of a handful of world renown architects working today, Daniel’s international commissions include the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, the Denver Art Museum in Colorado, as well as many private commissions. His work has also been exhibited in museums around the world.

Originally dismissed as an architect of unbuildable projects, Daniel is noted for his radical use of line and form, pushing the boundaries of engineering and materials. His work often uses outwardly smooth surfaces at jarring, unusual angles both inside and out in many ways recalling European deconstructionist art.

Daniel is perhaps best known for winning the commission to build the new World Trade Centre in New York following their destruction in the 11 September attacks. His plan was chosen in an historic competition, after an unprecedented public, business and City consultation. A ‘Freedom Tower’ symbolically rising to 1,776 feet echoes the date of the Declaration of Independence, while an off-centre spire conjures up the Statue of Liberty. The challenge was to strike a balance between the site acting as a hugely significant memorial and a functioning business and public space.

The social environment is as important to Daniel’s designs as form and function. He talks passionately about the excitement, adventure and mystery of architecture, and the impact it has on the future development of cities and culture.

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