Christian  Majgaard (Denmark)

Christian Majgaard (Denmark)

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Former Head of Global Brands, LEGO

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Christian was responsible for all brand, products and campaigns throughout the Lego business – including licensing and theme parks. He also led the entry into games and film-based merchandising with franchises like Star Wars and Harry Potter. In presentations he argues branding is about business development, not communications. Drawing on Lego as his case study, he maintains that there’s no such thing as a mature market, only tired marketers.


Christian Majgaard headed brand and marketing strategy for Lego serving as Head of Global Brand & Business Development, and as a member of the global executive team.

Acclaimed by Fons Tompenaars as one of 21 leaders for the 21st century, Christian is a highly respected figure in marketing and innovation. At Lego, Christian’s 25 year career with the company took in positions including Head of International Market Research and Head of EU Marketing. Ultimately he had overall responsibility for global brand, products and campaigns for both the core toy business and other areas - from licensing to theme parks. He also led the internationally recognised brand into the computer games market, and film merchandising with the Star Wars, Harry Potter and Spiderman franchises whilst never ignoring the core product.

Christian now divides his time between creative and brand consulting, non-executive roles, writing and speaking. In presentations he explains why branding is about business development, not communications. Using both Lego and Starbucks as examples, he maintains there’s no such thing as mature markets - only tired marketers.

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