Chrissie Wellington OBE

Chrissie Wellington OBE

Professional Triathlete


Chrissie is acknowledged as the greatest female endurance athlete on the planet. She is a four-time Ironman world champion – a race that comprises a 3.8km swim followed by a 180km bike ride, and then a full marathon. She wins many of her races by half an hour. A former civil servant at DEFRA, Chrissie also worked on sanitation projects with a Nepalese NGO before dedicating herself to sport. She explains that when you’ve run 30km “it’s not your body that's carrying you, it's your mind."


Chrissie is a professional triathlete, four-time World Ironman Champion, and the World Record holder for Ironman-distance triathlon races. She is the first British athlete to hold the title, and achieved this after only a year as a professional athlete.

Chrissie planned to be a lawyer after university but a period of travelling made her realise that she was more interested in development. Two years later she began an MA and then began her career at DEFRA, as an advisor on international development policy. During her time as a civil servant Chrissie began to run more regularly and completed a marathon for the charity she volunteered at. The training schedule appealed to her and, after some setbacks - including being hit by a car, she got involved in triathlon. After working in Whitehall, then in Nepal, for a Nepalese NGO, she returned to the UK and decided to become a professional athlete at the relatively late age of 30. Within five years she has been crowned World Ironman Champion four times.

With her unconventional journey to becoming the best at one of the world’s toughest sports, Chrissie speaks passionately and engagingly about taking on the impossible and achieving your goals, whether in life or in business, as an individual or a team. She energetically tells her inspiring story of facing fears, planning, focusing on details and overcoming adversity. She’ll even take more energetic audiences out for a training session.

Chrissie competes all over the world in the toughest triathlon and Ironman contests. She is one of only three women to have achieved three consecutive victories at the Ironman World Championships. She was also a regular commentator on the London 2012 Olympic triathlons for the BBC and continues to cover the sport in the media.

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