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An agent for change, Chris challenges individuals and organisations to think differently - about business problems, about how 'things are done around here', and even about themselves. He helps people realise creativity and talents they'd overlooked and turn workplaces into energised, human, purpose-driven spaces of collaboration.


Chris Barez-Brown is a former director of ?What If! - the largest and most successful innovation company in the world based in London, New York and Sydney. Whilst there he founded their learning team. He went on to establish his own conslutancy, Upping Your Elvis, which is focused on engaging and challenging people to think differently and tap into their own, often undiscovered, creative talents.

Described by The Guardian as "a long haired twinkly eyed cross between Richard Branson and a wizard", Chris has worked with companies and brands around the world, helping to solve business problems and tackle projects as diverse as cutting down the turn around time for airlines to helping the Government with Education policy. His books include Upping Your Elvis, a look at how much energy we expend trying to fit into work and how we can address that imbalance, and Free!: Love Your Work, Love Your Life, which also examines how we view work in the context of our lives and how we can excel at both by considering our values and purpose.

With energy and insight Chris aims to make work fulfiling and motivating by refocusing on the human aspects of what we do every day, thinking differently about tasks, and bringing together our roles and our values. An agent for change, Chris's Upping Your Elvis is centred around identifying the mavericks who refuse to do things just because they've always been done that way. He draws on a long experience of motivational training that includes six years with ?What If!, seven years in industry, six years in business academic study and even, though few who meet him believe it, his time in the army.

Chris is also the founder of Talk It Out, a tech business whose app aims to help and support discussions about mental health and wellbeing by drawing out subconscious thoughts and understanding the impact they have on our conscious state of mind.

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