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Innovation & Thinking Differently

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Chris is fascinated by people and what makes them tick. He brings out their potential by teaching them how to manage today’s world, rather than have it manage them. His keynotes cover culture change, leadership, innovation, and mental and emotional wellbeing, and leave people feeling inspired and energised.


Chris Barez-Brown is a former director of ?What If! - the largest and most successful innovation company in the world based in London, New York and Sydney. Whilst there he founded their learning team. He went on to establish his own consultancy, Upping Your Elvis, which is focused on engaging and challenging people to think differently and tap into their own, often undiscovered, creative talents.

Chris is driven by the belief that as humans we’re simply not designed for business. We spend far too much energy trying to fit in with its needs, rather than the other way around. His approach challenges people and businesses to embed a more human and energetic culture at the heart of everything they do.

Chris’s keynote speeches help people to love their human design and get their energy right so their work and life becomes a fun and fruitful ride, where everyone can achieve more through their talents, every day.

He has produced tangible returns on investment with brands including Nike, Coca-Cola, Diageo, Unilever, Roche and WPP. The impact of Chris’s work with Unilever featured in the Harvard Business Review.

Chris is the author of Upping Your Elvis, Wake Up!, Free! Love Your Work, Love Your Life, Shine and How To Have Kick-Ass Ideas.

Through humour, charisma and expertise, Chris brings out the potential in everybody and people leave inspired and energised. They also think a little differently about the world and are equipped with tangible skills to deploy their newfound energy on the things that matter most to their work and lives.

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Chris Barez-Brown (Innovation)

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Book written by Chris Barez-Brown
Book written by Chris Barez-Brown
Book written by Chris Barez-Brown