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Former CFO, SuperDry

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Chas Howes served as Chief Financial Officer of SuperDry during a period which saw the company grow from a small clothing and retail business to a global player in the fashion industry. He worked on the company’s strategies for growth and the high-profile floatation and recounts how the brand and business developed, the challenges and the cautionary lessons.


Chas Howes served as Chief Financial Officer of SuperGroup, the company behind the phenomenally successful clothing and retail brand, SuperDry. Chas helped grow the company from a handful of stores to over 200 outlets, increasing turnover from £41million to £314million and steering through a troubled floatation on the London stock market.

Prior to joining SuperGroup Chas worked in various finance and strategy roles within the brewing and drinks sector for industry giants Fosters Group, Allied Domeq and Diageo.

Chas speaks about the SuperDry brand, the company ethos and culture that helped it grow rapidly to become a leading international player in the fashion industry. From its modest beginnings in Cheltenham to stores in over 40 countries across Europe, the US, South America and Asia. He looks at all aspects of the business including its modern, Japanese-inspired branding combined with retro-American style and its strategy of targeting university cities as well as its unconventional approach to advertising, celebrity endorsements and holding sales (they generally don’t do any of them).

Today, Chas invests in and advises start-up retail businesses. As well as the SuperDry brand and business, Chas can also examine the financial side of a fast-growing business; the strategies for growth and the experience of preparing for, launching and maintaining a public flotation. After dinner Chas speaks about his career with revealing insights into the workings of businesses large and small as well his SuperDry experiences and the pitfalls of working for a driven, unwavering founder.

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