Charlie Cannon

Charlie Cannon

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Leadership Development Expert

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Psychologically trained coach Charlie takes individuals, teams, and leaders of organisations to new heights of performance. As a people performance specialist and resiliency expert his high-energy, interactive keynotes and masterclasses draw upon extensive research and personal experience that arm audiences with life-changing tools.


Charlie Cannon is a performance coach who specialises in developing resilient leaders and two of the biggest drivers of a team resilience, psychological safety, and a growth mindset. Charlie learnt his trade working with consultancies such as Lane 4, Bridge-Partnership, Mindgym and Matthew Syed Consulting.

In Charlie’s live events and trainings, he draws upon his life experience and combines this with research from science and psychology to give people tools and techniques that they can act upon immediately that will catalyse their performance.

Prior to working in business Charlie was a health and fitness coach, where at one point he was training an Oscar winning actor and actress. What he observed, was that most of his clients were busy, time poor, stressed, and burnt-out executives who wanted to increase their energy and manage stress better.

Charlie’s passion for helping people build resilience stems from not just working with all these stressed-out executives, but also his own story in not becoming the professional sportsman he had dreamed of being, due to struggling to be at his best when it counted.

He knows first-hand what it takes to recover from a near death experience that left him hospitalised and his sister moments away from dying. At twenty-one he was involved in a traumatic car accident with his sister who almost died. This incident inspired his research into resilience and overcoming adversity.

Charlie played rugby for England, West of England hockey and county cricket as a schoolboy, but struggled to perform under pressure, which showed him the importance of developing a growth mindset and building mental toughness.

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