Caroline Casey (Ireland)

Caroline Casey (Ireland)

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Social Entrepreneur & Campaigner

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Founder of numerous organisations and campaigns, including The Valuable 500 and the Ability Awards, Caroline has worked extensively with business to highlight the potential of over a billion people worldwide with a disability. As well as understanding the business case for more inclusive hiring and development policies Caroline also recounts her own inspiring story of growing up blind, but only being made aware of the fact when she was 17.


Caroline Casey has dedicated much of her life to changing the perception of disability, especially in business. A campaigner, social entrepreneur and former management consultant with Accenture, Caroline is registered as blind, something she was unaware of until her seventeenth birthday.

Caroline has established a number of campaigns and organisations, including the #valuable movement and  The Valuable 500, aimed at highlighting the potential of over one billion disabled people worldwide and putting disability firmly on the agenda of brands and business leaders in all sectors. Caroline also launched the Ability Awards and the Kanchi foundation to encourage the hiring of people with disabilities and share best practices in business.

The first Irish person to be appointed a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum, Caroline has also served as an advisor for the Clinton Global Initiative. She speaks engagingly and inspiringly about her personal journey, why and how her parents chose not to tell her she was different, and what everyone can learn from her experiences.

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