Carl Bildt (Sweden)

Carl Bildt (Sweden)

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Former Swedish PM

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Once UN High Representative in Bosnia, Bildt challenges Europe and the US to find a common vision to meet the threat to world order. Now that we are endangered by weak states and shadowy structures, how can we prevent a clash between fundamentalists and reformers within a civilisation becoming one between civilisations?


As Prime Minister, Caril Bildt negotiated Sweden’s accession to the European Union and introduced far-reaching measures to improve competitiveness and modernise the welfare system. He then stepped onto the world stage, co-chairing the Dayton Peace Talks and serving as UN Special Envoy to the Balkans.

Bildt has wide experience in foreign and security affairs. He is associated with a number of international organisations, including the Centre for European Reform. He has also sat on the Council of the International Institute of Strategic Studies, and headed a review of the European Space Agency.

As well as a regular column in a Swedish broadsheet, Bildt issues his own weekly newsletter. He has also published Peace Journey and The Country that Stepped out into the Cold.

Carl Bildt is the holder of senior honours and decorations from Britain, France, Germany, Estonia and Latvia.

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