Brian Moore

Brian Moore

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Former England Rugby Player

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When he wasn’t practising litigation, Brian won 64 England caps and the Player of the Year crown. Well known for reciting Henry V before a match, he went on to write The Thoughts Of Chairman Moore. After dinner the former hooker (and qualified manicurist) mixes dressing room tales with tips on teamwork.


Brian Moore played for England, the Barbarians and the British Lions, earning 64 caps for his nation. Crowned ‘Rugby World Player of the Year,’ he became one of the most respected names in the game - appearing in three World Cups and winning three Grand Slams.

Off the field Brian worked as a litigation solicitor - serving as a partner with two London firms. On the field he became known as Pitbull, not just for his pugilistic appearance and ‘hard man’ reputation, but also for his determination and tenacity. Meanwhile in the dressing room he was noted for reading Shakespeare, especially rousing passages from Henry V.

Brian has since commentated for the BBC and TalkSport, become a qualified referee, written on wine for The Sun and contributed a column in The Telegraph. He is also the author of a number of books, including The Thoughts of Chairman Moore and an acclaimed autobiography: Beware of the Dog.

Brian Moore speaks on a variety of topics, including motivation, teamwork and leadership. He is also an entertaining raconteur with tales from the pitch, dressing room, studio and boardroom. He might also touch on his qualifications as a sheet metal shearer and a manicurist.

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