Annette Andrews

Annette Andrews

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Former Chief People Officer, Lloyds of London

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Annette Andrews is a leading people and culture executive who has held senior HR roles at Ford, Lloyd's of London and Lloyd’s Banking Group. She works with organisations to help develop post-pandemic working practices and considers how ongoing societal changes will affect the workforce. With a focus on diversity and inclusion, she shares her own experiences in a male-dominated field to highlight the importance of integrating people and culture into business strategy.


Annette Andrews is a leading people and culture executive with over 30 years of experience with companies including Lloyd's of London, Lloyds Banking Group and Ford. A coach, mediator and experienced human resources officer, she considers how organisations and leaders need to adapt to new expectations from employees and the fundamental changes in leadership style and culture this brings.

Annette has worked with CEOs, boards and senior leaders on a global basis in highly regulated organisations and during some of the most challenging periods in their histories. She held senior HR roles at Ford Motor Company and Lloyds Banking Group before becoming the Chief People Officer at Lloyd’s of London insurance market. In this latter position, she worked closely with CEO Inga Beale to radically change a complex, deep-rooted and outdated working culture. Throughout, her work has been to ensure that people and culture are integrated into business strategy and is on the agenda at the top table.

Passionate about supporting individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential, she explores what attracts talent and the supporting culture and practices that need to be in place to retain them. The golden thread that runs through her work is diversity and inclusion. Along with these key factors, she looks at what technological, social and industry changes have to say about employees and employers of the future.

Annette also considers her personal experiences of working in male-dominated environments, from factory shop floors to bank trading floors. She looks at the changes that have taken place throughout the years, and the improvements that can still be made. She reflects on life as a woman executive leading change and business transformation, as well as life as a working single mother in a senior role.

Using experience from her own consultancy and training company, Annette also explores the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, both short term and long term. She emphasises how the world of work, personal expectations and social norms have changed fundamentally and looks at how we look ahead and optimise opportunities whilst still supporting employees and holding on to the values that the pandemic magnified.

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