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With a focus on how organisations can make the most positive impact through their ethical, ESG and social responsibility strategies, Anna looks at the latest ideas around building a fairer, more sustainable economy. Looking at the role of leaders, company culture and having a clear sense of corporate purpose, she guides businesses in how to create a better future for people and planet.


Anna Fielding is an advisor, executive and thought leader on building a fairer, ethical economy and strategies for social and environmental justice. She works on understanding the impact of ESG and socially responsible business practices, and the influence of leadership and culture in these areas.

As Chair of the Economic Change Unit, Anna helps direct the non-profit in sharing new ideas and helping organisations to lead change. Through a range of education, analysis and network programmes the Unit addresses issues from climate change to inequality. Anna is also a Senior Associate at Cohere Partners, a leading business consultancy working on strategies and communications around improving the world.

Throughout her work Anna looks at how to reshape business and the wider economy, and the influence commerce and policy has on society. She works with leaders and social entrepreneurs to better understand how their work can have the most positive impact. As well as challenging organisations to find their purpose in the world, she guides them in how to build a better future for people and planet.

Previously Anna was CEO of the Finance Innovation Lab. Operating at the intersection of finance, innovation and society, the Lab is a key source of research and support for the financial services sector. It helps startups aimed at tackling issues such as climate change and inequality, as well as established companies to become more responsible corporate citizens. It also launched the world’s first incubator for purpose-driven financial innovation. Prior to joining the Lab, Anna worked in sustainable finance, academia, international development, campaigning, and community health where she gained extensive experience in campaign strategy, communications, and impact assessment.

Anna is a trustee of the New Economics Foundation, the leading think tank focused on ideas for an economy that is fair, sustainable and balanced. She is also an Associate of the Institute for Social Banking, and a Fellow of the RSA. She has written for publications including The Guardian and the New Statesman, and has featured in the Women in Social Enterprise 100 and the Women in Fintech Powerlist.

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