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Andrew Marr

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After grilling politicians for the BBC Andrew now leads the New Statesman’s political stories and offers his own opinions on Westminster at LBC. He also fronts a weekly discussion show on Radio 4 and shares his musical tastes on Classic FM. Over dinner, Andrew takes a look at some of those who have had a lasting influence, from Tony Blair to Keith Richards and Martina Navratilova.



Andrew Marr is a well-known broadcaster and journalist who hosted his eponymous agenda-setting Sunday breakfast show on the BBC for over fifteen years. He has since taken on new ventures as Chief Political Commentator at the New Statesman, an LBC presenter and a columnist for the New York Times. He can also be heard on Start the Week on Radio 4.

He began his career as a political commentator, serving five years as the BBC Political Editor. He became best known for his unpretentious and friendly style, characterised by his highly distinctive arm-waving delivery. He has since fronted landmark series on Modern Britain and the Scottish Enlightenment as well as many others on history, politics and society. 

Andrew has published many books, including The Diamond Queen: Elizabeth II and Her People and A History of the World. A former editor of The Independent, he has also written for the Express, Observer and Economist. He has won numerous awards for writing and broadcasting.

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