Andreas Ekstrom (Sweden)

Andreas Ekstrom (Sweden)

Author, The Google Code


Andreas has become one of Europe’s leading digital futurists. His best-selling book, The Google Code, explores a company that has become culturally, technologically and commercially one of the most important in history. He combines a look at the effects of the search giant on people and businesses with a broader look at the digital world and the companies controlling it.


Andreas Ekström is a writer and journalist. He focuses on the online world, media, and digital equality for the Swedish daily newspaper Sydsvenskan, and in his blog and books.

Having written a number of fiction and non-fiction books, Andreas turned his journalistic curiosity towards the ever increasing influence of Google. Although not a programmer, designer or engineer (although, he says, he does look a bit like one), in The Google Code, he took a look at the search giant and what it said about society and the world.

Andreas has made a thorough study of Google; its beginnings, the corporate and organisational culture, its rise to dominance, and its constant evolution into new areas. He considers how the company has changed to meet new user demands, its gathering of data, and its business, design and technology strategies. The Google Code looks at why we are so quick to refer to and believe Google. He asks whether we should be so trusting, what does our view of Google results say about politics, business and love, and how should the world react to the answers?

Andreas’s journalistic study of the world’s most important companies - Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon - combined with his engaging, dynamic delivery have made him one of Europe's most sought-after futurists. Today, few people can analyse and understand the complex changes driven by the power players of all things digital better than Andreas. As well as helping organisations to understand how Google operates, he offers an insight of the tech world from a truly human perspective. He has broadened his scope to new development, and maps out how the digital revolution has created new user demands, new forms of gathering of data, new business needs, and has advanced design and technology strategies.

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