Andreas Ekström (Sweden)

Andreas Ekström (Sweden)

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Digital Futurist

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Andreas has become one of Europe’s leading digital futurists. He tackles the intersection between building a successful business and striving towards a more equal digital society and considers a new, slower and more greyscale means of thinking and working to create a sustainable digital society.


Swedish journalist, author, and digital futurist Andreas Ekström is a leading commentator on all things digital around the world. His talks are custom made to fit the audience and give mind-blowing perspectives on who controls the money and the power as society goes more digital by the minute. Andreas is a highly sought after and seasoned speaker that has received excellent reviews across Europe and the rest of the world on his thought-provoking lectures.

His most requested keynote is Organic Intelligence, a set of ideas, questions, and hands-on tools to understand and fulfil human potential in the AI revolution. Andreas believes the future is not about the AI you buy. It’s about the OI you hire.

The term “organic intelligence” that Andreas has coined, equals the sum of the human experience. What people know. What people can provide. What values might mean. What happens in collaboration. Andreas stresses the need for research, development and learning throughout the AI revolution, but refuses to give you bullet points or simplified action plans that might be useless in six months. Right now, the world is in a learning phase, and Andreas is phenomenal in making sure that process starts within all groups that he works with.

Andreas is a senior staff writer and columnist at Sydsvenskan, a daily morning paper in Malmö, Sweden. As a reporter with years of experience covering the field, he holds insights in how the world of media, business and politics is affected by the main digital power players of the world.

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