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Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Cass Business School

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Specialising in examinations of the political dynamics within organisations, André challenges many of the assumptions and fads that, although on the surface tempting and reassuring, are ultimately detrimental to individuals and those that employ them.


André Spicer is a business academic and writer, and is the Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the Cass Business School. His work focuses on the political dynamics within organisations including banking, transport, media, professional services and the public sector, often questioning long-held assumptions and received workplace wisdom.

Often positioned as a business iconoclast, André’s books include The Stupidity Paradox, an examination of how organisations often unquestioningly rely on conventions, fads and delusions, and Business Bullshit, a critique of meaningless buzzwords, jargon and clichés that obscure and confuse rather than clarify and help. He’s also the co-author of The Wellness Syndrome, questioning whether the pressure to ‘maximise wellness’ actually has a detrimental effect, and Desperately Seeking Self-Improvement, in which he and Carl Cederstrom spent a year trying a range of self-improvement techniques, exercises and technologies.

After studying in his native New Zealand and then Australia André moved to the UK and became Associate Professor of Organisation Studies at the University of Warwick. He then joined Cass Business School where alongside his Professorship he helped establish ETHOS: The Centre for Responsible Enterprise, of which he went on to become director. He has also held visiting professorships at universities and business schools around the world including in Copenhagen, Sydney, Paris, and Moscow.

Outside academia André has worked directly with businesses, public sector organisations, and policy makers, particularly in the area of financial services. He has served as the senior editor of the Journal of Management Studies and Organisation Studies and has sat on the boards of a number of specialist management and organisation publications. He frequently appears in print and broadcast media around the world, including CNBC, CNN, the Financial Times, BBC, The Washington Post, The Guardian and others.

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