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Broadcaster, Entrepreneur and Blind Traveller

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Amar almost entirely lost his sight by the age of 18, but with determination and a desire to prove everyone wrong, he not only went on to explore the world, but start a business to help others do the same. He's also become a documentary filmmaker and presenter and has appeared on shows from The Last Leg to The One Show to Celebrity MasterChef.


Amar Latif is a presenter, director, entrepreneur and blind adventurer. He is the founder of Traveleyes, a touring company specialised in supporting blind travellers, and has presented a number of documentaries, including the BBC’s critically acclaimed Beyond Boundaries.

By the time he was 18, Amar had lost 95% of his eyesight due to an incurable condition. Determined to travel and experience the whole world despite his condition, Amar has since trekked 220 miles through Central America and climbed a 1500m active volcano. Prior to exploring the world, Amar trained as an accountant, overcoming obstacles and challenging preconceptions to work his way up to Head of Commercial Finance for BT. After realising that his passion lay in traveling, he turned to face new goals and new challenges.

Amar’s determination to create a more accessible world for those with visual impairments became a reality with Traveleyes. His company gave millions of blind people the opportunity to trek through deserts, ski down some of the highest mountains, and sail across seas. He has also established initiatives and partnerships with schools around the world, raising awareness of disabilities and building relationships between sighted students and blind travellers.

In recounting his remarkable story, including the many setbacks he has encountered, Amar discusses overcoming adversity, building a resilient mindset, and how to perceive limitations. He also considers the notion of choice and agency – how to actively realise your aspirations and focus your mind on achieving them.

On television, Amar has been a part of documentaries and travel programmes including Travelling Blind, River Walks, Sightseeing Blind, and Pilgrimage: The Road to Santiago. He's also appeared on This Morning, The One Show, The Last Leg, and Celebrity MasterChef (where he became the show's first blind contestant). Amar has been awarded The Outstanding Young Person of the World from the Chamber of Commerce International and the Stelios Disabled Entrepreneur Award.

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