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Former Labour Communications Director

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Alastair ran Labour’s communications for ten years, in and out of government. He now advises on both political and organisational strategy. He’s written a slew of books including Winners, drawing inspiration from high achievers in sport, business and politics. In presentations Alastair explains what to do when you come under pressure: “Challenge your basic assumptions, put yourselves in your opponent’s shoes, devise a tight plan from the centre... and then pursue it with aggression.”


For ten years Alastair Campbell was Tony Blair's right hand man as communications strategist and chief spokesman, often witnessing history in the making. He remains a key figure on the political stage, with considerable connections on both sides of the Atlantic.

As the most influential Government advisor Alastair was no stranger to controversy, working the headlines and occasionally making them. He is one of four credited with creating New Labour, fighting numerous battles in their pursuit of modernisation. He was reviled by parts of the media but still respected for his commitment, creativity, loyalty and work rate.

Since resigning Alastair has published three volumes of his diaries as well as other autobiographical books and novels, and written extensively on sport and politics. He is the Editor-at-Large of The New European, has advised several bodies and organisations and stepped up his fundraising efforts for Leukaemia Research (Alastair is chairman of fundraising for the charity). He’s also accompanied the British and Irish Lions on their tour of New Zealand.

Alastair’s speeches mix experience, behind-the-scene knowledge and wit to look at the big political stories domestic and foreign. He offers a sharply observed insight into what makes strong leaders and throws light on the relationship between government, and the press - including his treatment of the media. On a lighter note, he might also reveal how a stranger behaved towards him, on Hampstead Heath.

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I love how Alastair balances humour, gossip and serious messages. The story about the Deputy PM punching an egg-throwing voter is typical: Alastair gets a call from Prezza (in pantomime Yorkshire): "Hello… Errr… I've just thumped someone." After telling us what happened, he gives the audience a genuine insight into how to manage a potential PR disaster. It's a fantastic listen. JLA Agent Allan Grant

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Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell