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The Polar Bear Pirates’ creator has now written a follow-up with a new assortment of characters to be found in almost every workplace: The Quest To Engage The Sleepwalkers. To release the dormant talent you must involve the ‘Amps,’ energise the ‘Vamps’ and generate some corkscrew thinking. Adrian’s methods were originally born out of the need to drive his IT sales team without a training budget. He offers practical, no-cost tips designed to put customers at the heart of every action.


Adrian Webster is a powerhouse on motivation and team-building. His presentations are full of tips for all those striving for success or having to cope with change. Neither a text book theorist nor one of the ‘I've climbed Everest so you can too’ brigade, delegates relate to Adrian because he comes from a working environment just like their own.

With a warm and lively sense of humour, Adrian homes in on easily recognisable characters that get in the way of progress - from ‘Bloaters’ (boasting, lazy, obnoxious and tediously egotistical reptillian saddoes), to ‘Neg Ferrets’ (little warriors of doom). All these characters are featured in his hugely successful book, Polar Bear Pirates and Their Quest to Reach Fat City.

The son of a coal miner, Adrian started out as a police officer in Bristol dealing with everything from traffic duties to riot control. He left to establish a dairy business, but never content to stand still he then had a stint as a radio presenter before moving into IT. Initially as a Corporate Sales Manager, he then moved into training, recruiting and driving 150 staff to deliver the best results in the sector.

As well as two Polar Bear books, Adrian is the co-author of Sort Your Brain Out, a no-nonsense, humorous guide to the mind and how to get the most from it, achieving more and worrying less. Alongside keynote speeches Adrian has developed Polar Bears Live - a series of training programmes for both sales and non-sales delegates. Teaming up with Blue Beetle actor-trainers, the characters appear in scenarios dealing with anything from change management to customer service, sales technique and appraisals. After pausing and re-winding the real life case studies, delegates take control and direct each scene to a positive conclusion.

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