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Former Sky News Political Editor

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Over four decades, Adam has interviewed a remarkable nine Prime Ministers stretching back to Alec Douglas-Home. He’s covered eight general elections, Barack Obama’s first 100 days in office, and some of the biggest stories in politics and beyond. An author, presenter, columnist and founder member of the Sky News team, the former Political Editor is one of the best known political broadcasters in the country.


Adam Boulton is one of the country’s best-known political broadcasters. Now Sky News’ Editor-at-Large, he served as the channel’s Political Editor for 25 years, becoming one of the longest-serving and most prominent lobby journalists in Westminster. Adam fronts Sky’s daily All Out Politics show, as well as writing a regular politics column for The Sunday Times.

Starting out as Political Editor for ITV’s breakfast show TV-am, Adam joined Sky as part of its launch team. He would become a key part of shaping Sky News and its pioneering live Westminster coverage. Adam’s career would go on to encompass interviewing nine British Prime Minsters, covering eight general elections, and reporting on some of the biggest stories, from 9/11 to the financial crisis to Brexit and beyond. He fronted Sunday Live with Adam Boulton and Boulton and Co, chaired Sky’s party leaders’ debate for the 2010 General Election, and has had infamous run-ins with Gordon Brown and Alastair Campbell (the latter becoming a YouTube sensation). Adam was also based in Washington covering the first 100 days of Barack Obama’s Presidency, including the President’s first UK television interview.

Adam has reviewed key eras of modern British political history in his books
Tony’s Ten Years: Memories of the Blair Administration and Hung Together: The 2010 Election and the Coalition Government. He has acted as Chairman of the Parliamentary Lobby and won the Royal Television Society’s top journalism prize, the Judges’ Award. He has written for The Times, The Spectator, The Guardian and the New Statesman. He has also appeared as a guest on programmes from Newsnight to Celebrity Pointless to Have I Got News For You.

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