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Adam Boulton

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Former Sky News Political Editor

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Over four decades, Adam has interviewed a remarkable nine Prime Ministers stretching back to Alec Douglas-Home. He’s covered eight general elections, Barack Obama’s first 100 days in office, and some of the biggest stories in politics and beyond. An author, presenter, columnist and founder member of the Sky News team, the former Political Editor is one of the best known political broadcasters in the country.


Adam Boulton is a broadcaster, journalist, and author. His insatiable appetite for breaking news, ability to think on his feet and innate analytical skills have seen him host countless hours of live television including rolling Election Coverage from the UK, US, Ireland, France, and Germany.

Adam spent more than thirty years at Sky News where his weekly programme, Sunday with Adam Boulton, had a wide-ranging brief, encompassing everything from politics to popular culture. As Sky News’ Editor at Large he presented the daily All Out Politics programme and podcast.

He redefined news coverage in his role as Political Editor at Sky News, harnessing developing technology, to introducing on-location reportage, reaction, and analysis in real time. Adam was instrumental in brokering a deal with David Cameron, Gordon Brown, and Nick Clegg to stage the ground-breaking General Election Leaders Debates. Never shy to speak his mind, Adam’s on-air spat with Alastair Campbell in the aftermath of the election is still one of the most memorable moments of that campaign.

Adam was a key player both on and off screen in the launch of two UK news channels, TV-am and Sky, breaking the mould of the traditional television model in his innovative recruitment and management of staff and resources. He has the distinction of having interviewed every UK Prime Minister since Sir Alec Douglas Home. He has covered all major developments in US politics since the Reagan years, from the USA-USSR Summits, to correctly ‘calling’ the election of President Joe Biden live on Sky News. Adam was based in Washington covering the first 100 days of Barack Obama’s Presidency, including the President’s first UK television interview.

He has also served as Chairman of the Parliamentary Lobby, the elite band of senior political journalists in Westminster.

Adam has reviewed key eras of modern British political history in his books Tony’s Ten Years: Memories of the Blair Administration, an acclaimed account of the Blair government, and the equally well received Hung Together: The 2010 Election and the Coalition Government. He was the political columnist for The Sunday Times for seven years and writes for several leading newspapers and periodicals. Much in demand as a public speaker, Adam has delivered keynote lectures for multi-national businesses, economic forums, universities, and media companies.

He has appeared on Have I Got News for You, Newsnight, Celebrity Mastermind and Christmas University Challenge.

On Times Radio he co-hosts the weekend flagship politics show Sunday Morning with Kate McCann and Adam Boulton, and is a regular panellist on TalkTV.

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Book written by Adam Boulton
Book written by Adam Boulton