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Chief Economic Advisor, CEBR

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The former Joint Head of the Government Economic Service has also held senior positions in the banking and oil sectors, and published Economics For Voters. She now advises a leading independent consultancy. In presentations Vicky weighs up the risks; as well as China’s slowdown and uncertainties following the Brexit vote, she points to uncoordinated monetary policy and high non-performing loans continuing to put pressure on the world’s banking systems.


Vicky Pryce is a leading economist working on UK, global and Eurozone issues. Having worked in senior positions in business and government, she is now Chief Economic Advisor at the respected Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) where she considers both the economic situation, and the policy implications for business.

After studying at the LSE, Vicky became an economist and then Chief Economist for a division of the Royal Bank of Scotland. She was appointed corporate economist for energy firm Exxon in Europe before becoming Chief Economist and partner at KPMG. After almost 30 years in industry Vicky then moved to the Department for Trade and Industry (and later its successor the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) as Chief Economic Adviser and Economic Director General. She also served as Deputy Head, and later Head of the Government's Economic Service.

Whilst working in government, Vicky also retained various academic positions including at the Cass and Imperial Business Schools. She served as Chairman of the GoodCorporation, and maintains an interest in the economic and business impact of corporate social responsibility, boardroom diversity and ethics.

In presentations Vicky addresses the crises in the Eurozone. She is broadly optimistic for the UK economy, but cautions that as well as policy issues (the deficit is increasing, not shrinking), links to developing economies are very much long-term investments: in the short-term the country needs a healthy Europe. Vicky also offers a broad economic overview for business, the trends to watch, and the impact of policies from immigration to regulation.

Vicky retains many links in the City, business and government offering a broad view of the economy. She works with many industries and government departments, including advising on the economic cases for proposed new airports and runways in the south east. She is the author of It’s the Economy, Stupid - Economics for Voters and Greekonomics, an analysis of the Eurozone crisis and the implication of a Greek exit from the currency.

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