Emma Sinclair MBE

Emma Sinclair MBE

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Founder of EnterpriseJungle and Target Parking

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The co-founder of innovative business software company EnterpriseAlumni, Emma was also the founder and Chief Executive of Target Parking. With a background in mergers and acquisitions, she is the youngest person in the UK to have floated her company on the stock exchange. Passionate about the power of entrepreneurship she is a UNICEF Business Mentor, a frequent commentator on TV and radio, and was a regular contributor to the Telegraph’s Wonder Women column.


Emma Sinclair is an entrepreneur and businesswoman whose career spans investment banking to car parks to business software. At 29 the youngest person to have floated a company on the London Stock Exchange, she has been described by Tatler as a tech leader who will “be running the universe one day”.

Starting out in mergers and acquisitions at NM Rothschild in the UK and US, Emma soon moved to start her own business. The founder and CEO of Target Parking, she sought to revolutionise the moribund management of the parking and facilities sector across the UK.

After selling Target Emma co-founded and now jointly leads the innovative global software company EnterpriseAlumni. An SAP Partner business, EnterpriseAlumni applies facets of big data and the cloud to help people find collaborators to solve business problems and provide a competitive advantage. It was voted the most innovative new enterprise software company at the SAP Pinnacle Awards and is the first tech company to have a gender-balanced shareholder structure.

Emma also mentors and advises other businesspeople, and her belief that entrepreneurship can change the world has seen her become the UK’s first UNICEF Business Mentor. In her role as a UNICEF advisor she completed the UN agency’s first crowdfund to introduce Innovation Labs in refugee camps. She was also part of a government business mission to Silicon Valley to foster new ties and improve trade between Europe and the US.

A regular commentator on TV and radio, Emma has helped analyse the budget on Sky News and has written on the business and economic climate in the Telegraph’s Wonder Women column. She has also written for the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and the Guardian on business, entrepreneurship, innovation and diversity.

In speeches Emma shares the secrets of building a successful business, often in challenging conditions. She considers the power of having an entrepreneurial mindset within a big company, and creating a niche in overlooked areas. She also covers the journey from start-up to scale-up and may even reflect on her earliest business success; the five stars she gained from her first employer, McDonalds.

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