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David Tennant

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One of the country’s best-known and most popular actors, David has been performing most of his life, but it was as The Doctor that he found international fame. Acclaimed for his roles on TV, film and stage, he’s as well known for his Hamlet as he is as DI Alec Hardy in Broadchurch.


David Tennant is one of the country’s most recognisable acting talents, famous for roles spanning a range of comedy, drama and fantasy/sci-fi in TV, film and theatre.

At just three years of age, David’s love of the TV series Doctor Who inspired him to act. He performed throughout his childhood and attended the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. His first professional role was whilst at secondary school and he continued to combine stage and screen work for many years taking in everything from fringe theatre to children’s TV drama and sit-coms. He debuted with the Royal Shakespeare Company in As You Like It, and appeared alongside Christopher Ecclestone in the film Jude.

After a series of increasingly prominent stage and screen roles, including starring in the TV series Blackpool, and Casanova, and appearing in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, David took on the role that would propel him to mainstream fame. After just one series of the relaunched Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston stepped down as the eponymous Tardis-dweller and David took over. The series became a huge international hit with its brand of family drama, fantasy and comedic moments. David stayed in the role for four years (returning for one-off specials), was voted the viewers’ favourite Doctor of all time, and became inextricably linked to the show’s success.

After leaving The Doctor behind, David returned to the theatre with a widely-acclaimed Hamlet with the RSC. He also appeared in a variety of TV and film roles most notably as the troubled detective Alec Hardy in Broadchurch (a role he reprised in the US remake, Gracepoint).

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