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The founder of The Empathy Business, Belinda has worked with organisations from Barclays to the UK Government to help them build empathy into their leadership and communications to improve performance and loyalty. Using small ‘nudges’ to create change, she shares practical ways to create more diverse and inclusive cultures.



Belinda Parmar is a diversity campaigner and the founder and CEO of The Empathy Business. She uses the science of empathy to transform organisations’ leadership, communications and operations. She is also the creator of the Global Empathy Index, the first index to measure empathy and inclusion at scale.

Belinda works with large organisations, including Barclays, Centrica and the UK Government, to provide practical ways with which to create more diverse and inclusive cultures. Backed by data, she shows how more empathy correlates with better performance, loyalty and diversity. She shares how small ‘nudges’ can organically give rise to an empathy revolution, including the power of language to create a sense of belonging and break down biases. Post pandemic, she highlights the importance of empathy in a changing world of work, with emotional burnout on the rise and some shifting priorities from salary and job security to recognition and fulfilment. 

She is the author of Little Miss Geek, a guide to inspire young women to become tech pioneers and she has been given many accolades for her work including being one of the top 20 Global Public Figures in Diversity, a top 20 Diversity Champion and shortlisted for Woman of the Year 2022 in the Women in IT Awards.

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