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Fee band A £10K TO £25K


Fee band A £10K TO £25K


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Emma, AF Blakemore & Son 1 Jul 2010

Jason was absolutely fantastic; very down to earth chap, who obviously listened to the brief as his performance was based around this and the audience. Jason was happy to work with us and nothing was too much trouble. Jason’s performance was superb and incredibly well received; still being talked about now. From the minute Jason started until he finished, there was laughter and hysterics from each and every one in the audience. All feedback received has been genuinely very positive saying how brilliant he was and has also prompted sales of Jason’s DVDs!!

Entertainment Feedback

The CCF European Call Centre Awards 19 Jan 2010

I will go as far to say that I rate Jason as the best host I have used over my 10 years of Awards event management so far

He is very laid back but enthusiastic, easy to work with, professional and for the audience: Extremely funny, warm, the right balance of serious but with light hearted moments and respectful of the Awards but not too heavy - he also made 50% of his opening relate to the industry, which always goes down well

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AEO 22 Jun 2009

He hit the right mark with his comedy – interactive, good length and his presentation of the Awards was respectful enough, pacey and I thought he had great control of what can be a tough audience

I thought he was really great and have only heard positive feedback about him from so far

He also appears to be a very nice bloke and very chilled, which makes you feel relaxed as an organiser

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Jenny, Petplan 7 May 2009

Everyone thought he was great. One thing we really liked about he was that he made the evening really smooth by having a nice manner. He made the awards flow really well.

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Niki, ALMR 15 Apr 2009

Personally, I found Jason very funny and he was prompt arriving which eased my pressure running an event for 1200 people. However there are three main criticisms:

1) Jason's expenses were over £500 which took me over budget on my event (and lost me my bonus!!). We tried to book 6 months in advance so plenty of notice was given and I feel that first class rail travel booked at the last minute was not looking after me as a customer.

2) We advised upon booking that we specifically did not want someone who would do their set piece. We wanted someone who would take a brief and adapt their material having done their homework about the pub industry to create an amusing piece related to Pubs. Our event is the biggest one of the industry - and to have a speaker who makes very little reference to the trade - is not great. Several people fed back to us that it was the same pitch he did the week before therefore the jokes were not funny.

3) 1/3 of all the people who offered feedback on our event found our speaker either "satisfactory" or "poor". I really would have hoped that this % would have been less.

I hope you find this feedback useful

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Monica, Centaur Media 21 Nov 2008

Jason is extremely professional and a real pleasure to work with. He is extremely funny and knows how to work a crowd. I have worked with Jason for the last year on a number of Awards and it is nice to see that he is still as down to earth now as he was a year ago. I would book Jason again as he gives that extra something to the awards that not many presenters can.

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Zelena, Faversham House Group 6 Nov 2008

Jason was extremely funny and knows how to work a crowd. We were slightly worried when he missed the rehearsal, as his previous event overran, but his professionalism meant that he got to grips with the script very quickly and delivered a great event for us.

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Metalworking Production Awards 31 Oct 2008

”Jason did a fantastic job. We have received some really positive feedback.”

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