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21 March 2013



On the morning after George Osborne’s Budget, we will be investigating the state of the world economy and its impact on the UK and Europe with three very distinguished voices…

Todd Buchholz was White House Director of Economic Policy under President Bush. He’s also run a $15bn hedge fund, written about global upheaval in Market Shock, lectured at Harvard and co-produced the hit musical, Jersey Boys.

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown was UN Deputy Secretary General to Kofi Annan. He has also served as Vice Chairman of George Soros’ investment funds and Foreign Office Minister for Africa and Asia. Mark is now Chair (EMEA) of FTI Consulting, advising on macro and enterprise risks in both emerging and ‘frontier’ markets.

Roger Bootle is one of the most influential economists in the UK, and advisor to the House of Commons Treasury Committee. In 2012 his team won the Wolfson Prize (second only to the Nobel), for its study on how a country can best exit the Euro. Roger believes that fiscal union will fail to improve competitiveness – and leave Britain isolated.

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