- Amy Gledhill
- Scott Bennett
- Stephen Mulhern


Cadogan Hall


18 September 2023

Stephen Mulhern hosted this year’s show which was another unforgettable night of laughter, magic, and electrifying dance. The fantastic ensemble of comedic talents included Emmanuel Sonubi, Tatty Macleod, Susie McCabe, Amy Gledhill, Lou Sanders and Scott Bennett, who all had everyone roaring with laughter. The comedy was punctuated with the spellbinding magic of Stephen Mulhern and Pete Heat as well as the sensational, high-energy dance moves of Frobacks and their glow-in-the-dark alter egos Globacks.

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Frobacks / Globacks
Emmanuel Sonubi
Tatty Macleod
Susie McCabe
Pete Heat
Amy Gledhill
Scott Bennett
Lou Sanders


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