- Alex Horne
- Jimmy Carr
- Mark Watson


Online Stream


21 September 2020

Our first virtual Real Variety Show. Fresh from helping Peter Crouch to Save our Summer, Alex Horne plays host accompanied by his wonderful Horne Section. Russell Kane gives corporate events a Kaneing (more like a love letter), Mark Watson drops in to say hello, and Jimmy Carr previews his Christmas Quiz – “the perfect way to party in a pandemic.” The mood softens with a beautiful piece from Ukrainian sand artist Kseniya Simonova (known to BGT fans), before descending into anarchy when Alex attempts to join George Egg in a pancake cook-along with upturned irons! Abandoman (aka Rob Broderick) tops the bill, proving beyond doubt that ‘virtual’ was invented for improvised hip hop with an Irish twist.

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Alex Horne and the Horne Section
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Mark Watson
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