Tom Binns (Ivan Brackenbury/Ian D Montfort)

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‘Hospital Radio’ and ‘Psychic’

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Gifted character comedian Tom brings two great comic grotesques to life: Ivan Brackenbury is Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Hospital Radio’s flagship presenter incapable of going a minute without putting his foot in his mouth or playing wildly inappropriate tracks to the ailing patients. With psychic-medium Ian D Montfort, he combines hilarious observation and parody with an impressive ability to ‘read minds’ and communicate with the deceased. Both appeared in Tom’s BBC One mockumentary Hospital People.


Tom Binns is an Edinburgh comedy award nominee, sketch writer and comedian. To an army of fans he is best known as Ivan Brackenbury, Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Hospital Radio’s flagship presenter. To newer audiences, he is also Ian D Montfort, Sunderland’s leading psychic and spirit medium. Both characters became cornerstones of Tom’s BBC One comedy Hospital People.

Before his starring role on TV, Ivan had appeared on Radio 1, Chris Evans’ Breakfast Show and TalkSport, winning a Sony award. During ‘Disease Hour’ the doyen of hospital radio plays screamingly inappropriate tunes (from What Becomes of the Broken Hearted for the cardiac ward to Staying Alive for those in intensive care), runs competitions and churns out the clichés with unswerving enthusiasm and bundles of misplaced goodwill.

The critically acclaimed Ian D Montfort combines an acute parody of stage spiritualists and illusionists with genuinely impressive magic and misdirection skills. From speaking to the spirits of Michael Jackson and Elvis to guessing the most obvious details of someone’s life, Ian entertains, although often fails to amaze.

Tom’s own radio career ground to a sudden halt when his breakfast show on XFM attracted a record fine. Nonetheless he has added Spooks to a list of TV credits including Under the Moon and Knowing Me, Knowing You With Alan Partridge. In Hospital People, Tom’s mockumentary series set in Brimlington Hospital, he plays odd-ball porters, chaplains and managers alongside his DJ creation. He has also written for Lily Savage, Trigger Happy TV and Friday Night Armistice.

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