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Welsh comedian

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The likable Welshman offers an excellent line in improvised banter - and an antidote to the more confrontational style of comedy. Would drivers’ stress be eased if car horns produced whalesong? Is your class defined by whether or not you think ciabatta was a character in Star Wars?


Chortle Award nominee and BBC New Comedy Award Finalist, Steve Williams is one of the most promising performers of the new crop of standup comedians and has recently appeared on Michael McIntryre’s Comedy Roadshow.

Steve engages and surprises audiences with his mix of bizarre stories, larger than life physicality, improvisation and his off-the-wall take on everyday life. His affable delivery of reflections on his Welsh homeland, how hard it is to sound profound with a Welsh accent, and if class is indicated by whether you think a ciabatta was in Star Wars have charmed and entertained audiences.

His three solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe have garnered considerable critical acclaim and lead to a UK tour. In addition to the Comedy Roadshow appearance in Swansea, Steve has appeared on BBC Wales’ Jest a Minute and is a writer on Russell Howard’s Good News.

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