Liz Bonnin

Liz Bonnin

Bang Goes The Theory


After science, technology and gadget shows, and Stargazing Live, Liz turns her focus to rural and wildlife stories like migrating animals.


Liz Bonnin is a presenter whose experience ranges from Top of the Pops to the popular science shows Bang Goes the Theory and Stargazing Live.

After a brief stint in the girl-band Chill, Liz began her television career in Ireland presenting the IRMA Awards for RTE. She hosted fashion programmes, a one-off Party in the Park and a live 7-hour Millennium show, before moving to London as entertainment reporter for Channel 4’s RI:SE.

Shortly afterwards, she joined TOTP as a regular presenter. Since then she has co-presented Spring Break Live and Party in the Park for Five.

Away from television, Liz made headlines when she agreed to be locked in a giant kennel along with MPs and fellow presenters to raise awareness for RSPCA Week.

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