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A flamboyant cricketer, David Gower scored over 8,000 runs for England (including 66 consecutive Tests without a duck) before proving equally self- assured in front of camera. Outside commentary duties, David’s interests have included an online stock exchange for fine wines.


One of English cricket’s greats, David Gower has forged two highly successful careers, both in and around the game. His finesse with the bat has progressed to an easy style in the studio. David even appealed to a new generation of fans with several successful years on the comedy sports quiz ‘They Think It’s All Over’.

Gower scored a boundary from his first delivery in test cricket and built on this fabulous start with a highly impressive total of 8,231 test runs. He captained both Leicestershire and England, with the Ashes victory being one of the highlights of his career. Upon retirement, David published his autobiography and found new fame as a broadcaster.

On tour, David earned himself a reputation as a prankster, most famously when he decided to take another player for a joy ride in a biplane. He was fined £1,000 for the incident, escaping further punishment by virtue of the fact he had not released the homemade waterbombs! After dinner, Gower delves into his considerable arsenal of anecdotes, with tales from his extensive career and travels.

Away from cricket, David enjoys a variety of different sports, and has ridden a bobsled down the Cresta Run on several occasions. His passions extend to safaris and vintage port – David even has time to help run an online stock exchange for wine.

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