Urban Soul Orchestra

Urban Soul Orchestra

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From Oasis to Michael Jackson

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The string outfit add percussion, bass, vocals and DJ on demand, turning from a classical ensemble to a funky band. The set might include a dubstep version of Chariots of Fire, Wonderwall and Viva La Vida.


Since the start, the Urban Soul Orchestra has built up an enviable reputation as a high calibre string ensemble - often augmented by brass and percussion. The quality of musicianship and performance means they remain in constant demand for recording sessions and live shows.

The USO has a number of themed sets. Chill Out includes interpretations of the Oasis classic Wonderwall and the theme from The Matrix. The Acoustic Ensemble features a twist on regular string quartets by adding rhythm and bass; whilst the DJ set, created for Penelope Cruz’s Cannes party, includes Jose Carretas from Gorillaz in an upbeat mix of house and Latin grooves.

The Urban Soul Orchestra Big Band combines strings with a horn section and up to three voices - covering everyone from Duffy to Michael Jackson, Black Eyed Peas and Barry White.

They also provide backing material and orchestration for a wide range of acts including Groove Armada, Grace Jones and Sir Cliff Richard.

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