The Cuban Brothers

The Cuban Brothers

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Latin Talent Collective

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The stars of 9 Bestivals, Glastonbury and numerous MTV specials recreate 70s Havana with a cocktail of sexy music, riotous comedy and breakdance. Led by Miguel Mantovani, the boys have a richly deserved reputation for spreading laughs and a whole lot of latin around the globe.


Hot foot from Havana, the Cuban Brothers have a reputation for spreading laughs and a whole lot of Latin love around the globe. They are a glorious talent collective, often sharing the stage with the famous and always lifting the spirits of the most discerning crowds.

The Cubans set a racy pace with head honcho Miguel Mantovani leading the booty call. Richie Palloco is ‘the man with the gun' and young Archerio produces the beat-rockin moves. The breakdancing will rock your world and the comic banter will knock you for six, while the tunes keep on coming all night long.

The Cuban Brothers have hosted the NME Awards, presented specials for MTV and stormed the Glastonbury Festival.


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