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With his talent for improv, his sheer vocal dexterity and the ability to take audiences where he chooses, Terry holds the encores record at The Comedy Store. Starting off with his back turned to them, he’s one of few comics who can bring a crowd to their feet. He also stars in Eastenders, as Terry the cabbie.


With his talent for improvisation, extraordinary stage presence and sheer vocal dexterity, Terry Alderton is one of few comics who can bring crowds to their feet. He still holds the record for encores at The Comedy Store.

Terry’s professional performing career began after winning a local talent contest. He was soon spotted by Sky and made his television debut at the age of eighteen - pausing only for a spell as goalkeeper at Southend FC.

His early TV credits included Saturday Live, Glamorama with Jack Dee, Viva Cabaret, Raw Soup and Celebrity Squares. He also co-presented LADS (exploring various male obsessions), joined Lulu as host of the National Lottery show Red Alert, and then crossed over into drama as a lead character in London’s Burning and a villain in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

After winning a new generation of fans with a stunning performance at Edinburgh, Terry is firmly back in the comedy spotlight - headlining Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow and storming the 2010 Real Variety Show. Which might surprise a few who know him as Terry the taxi driver in Eastenders.

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Forget he was in Eastenders, Terry’s comedy persona is as far from soaps as you can get. It’s an earthquake of energy, random accents and disembodied catchphrases verging on performance art. (But unlike performance art, he’s belly-achingly funny.) Terry is an original, capable of conquering any crowd. JLA Agent Anthony Assadourian

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