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Breakdance & Acrobatics

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As shown to powerful effect on BBC’s The Slammer, Physical Jerks perform a breath-taking breakdance. The four-man group mix traditional B-boy and jazz dance with martial arts acrobatics. They also offer delegates a chance to learn ‘toprock’ and ‘freezes.’


The Physical Jerks crew captivate audiences with dazzling breakdance (‘bboying’) and jaw-dropping acrobatics. They also host workshops – giving delegates the chance to learn fancy footwork, ‘toprock’ and ‘freezes’ first hand.

Founded in Bristol and with over thirty years of collective experiences, the Physical Jerks crew features its six founder members and over twenty other performers. They have performed choreographed and freestyle shows on stages, foyers - even the car parks all over Europe. They have performed at fashion shows, arts festivals, product launches, Glastonbury Festival and Manchester’s Urban Carnival.

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