Paul Potts

Paul Potts

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Britain’s Got Talent Tenor

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Proving that Britain’s definitely got talent, Paul’s life changed forever when he won the contest. With his rich tenor voice he interprets the great works of opera, from Nessun Dorma to Jerusalem.


The rich, powerful voice of rising star Paul Potts has touched the hearts of millions since he won ITV’s top-rated search-for-a-star, Britain’s Got Talent. Watched by 13.5 million, his haunting rendition of Nessun Dorma melted the icy hearts of the judges and left the audience mesmerised.

For the former Carphone Warehouse salesman from Bristol, the turnaround in his life means so much, not least because of the adversity he has faced. Bullied at school, Paul endured a series of health problems and dead-end jobs. He reached a very low ebb, but his love of Italian opera was his solace and inspiration.

Paul first sang opera for a karaoke competition, dressed-up as Pavarotti. Singing in amateur productions for almost ten years and landing a number of leading roles, Paul went on to perform on Barrymore’s My Kind Of Music. The prize money, along with his savings, went towards opera classes in Italy, where was selected to sing in a master class…for Pavarotti.

Since his triumph, Paul’s feet have barely touched the ground, as he is constantly touring and performing. He has toured Europe, America, Australia and the Far East. His first album, One Chance, sold so well that it was re-released six months later in a special Christmas edition. He has made television appearances around the world, including international versions of the …Got Talent format (which is now shown in forty countries).

“It has changed my whole life,” says Paul, “I used to feel so small and insignificant. But now I know I am someone – I am Paul Potts and this is what I do.”

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