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Fusion of Jazz & World Music

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Celloman is the brainchild of Ivan Hussey, hailed by critics as proof the cello can be ‘surprising, sensuous and funky.’ Ivan has collaborated with headline acts from The Rolling Stones to The Spice Girls. He plays solo or as a five-piece with violin, bass, drums and percussion – mixing classical, jazz and world music.


Celloman is the brainchild of Ivan Hussey. Blending classical, jazz and world music, critics have described his playing as proof that the cello can be surprising, sensuous and funky at the same time.

Ivan has collaborated with a host of headline groups, from Take That and The Spice Girls to Duran Duran, The Lighthouse Family and The Rolling Stones.

Performing solo or with up to five-piece band, Celloman plays original compositions from his four albums including Falling In, Chebba, Aquador, Maya and Paris .

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