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It’s bingo, but with music. Guests are given cards with song titles instead of numbers, then mark off tracks as they’re played by B&S’s pioneering DJs. With a Mistress of Ceremonies holding order and dishing out silly prizes from glo-sticks to toasters, Musical Bingo has been a hit everywhere from the National Theatre to Wayne Hemingway’s Vintage. Rounds can be designed especially for the event.


It’s Musical Bingo. Like conventional bingo. But with songs.

Game cards are themed (for example, The ‘80s, Movies Songs, Heartbreakers - bespoke cards are also available) and their acclaimed DJs spin a quick-fire selection of tunes from Johnny Cash to Grace Jones and Dizzee Rascal to David Bowie for players to mark off on their card. Appropriate prizes (everything from retro sweets and glo-sticks to DVDs; toasters to champagne and the special ‘mystery box’) are awarded for completed lines and full houses.

After the fun and games, the music continues with their DJs, best known in London for pioneering the interactive DIY DJ set in which guests bring their favourite records resulting in a unique and eclectic set every night.

Musical Bingo has tested musical knowledge and proved a hit across the UK with residences at venues around London including the National Theatre and appearances at Wayne Hemingway’s Vintage Festival, Glastonbury, and Latitude festivals.

“A summer South Bank highlight was Musical Bingo: with our wildly varied crowd a good game of Musical Bingo seems to get everyone going, whatever demographic you do or don't fit into.” - National Theatre


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