ACM Gospel Choir

ACM Gospel Choir

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Made up of 20 Academy of Contemporary Music students, ACM feel more like a rock group than a traditional gospel choir. They’ve collaborated with Guy Chambers, performed at Wembley at the FA Cup Final and sung for The Queen – and provided stings for awards ceremonies.


Aged 17 to 27, the choir is made up of ACM (Academy of Contemporary Music) students from a variety of different departments such as drums, guitar, bass and vocals, and look more like a rock group than a traditional Gospel Choir.

The members are not all from a gospel background, and some of them do not attend church regularly but have risen to the challenge and have taken on the genre and created what their director describes as “a new gospel sound.”

The choir appeared on BBC1’s Last Choir Standing, and came in a respectable fourth against strong and more experienced competition.

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