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Online content pioneer Ze has created hugely popular YouTube programmes and has been involved in internet creativity from the early days. He’s founded a games company, created two online shows, and now works with BuzzFeed to make their video as popular as their text services. He looks at humour and creativity online as well as the wider internet world.


Ze Frank has many titles. As well as the more formal Executive Vice President of Video at online news service BuzzFeed, he is also a web entrepreneur, creator of content, internet pioneer, artist, performer, writer, vlogger, humorist and composer. For over a decade Ze has worked in the online world and has seen it develop and change.

An online birthday invitation that Ze sent to friends spiralled out of control, forwarded to thousands, and visited by millions, it was the start of his own website which would house users’ content and his own work. The site won awards and was listed by Time magazine as one of the 50 coolest websites.

Focusing on video content, Ze started the show with zefrank featuring his own commentary and calls for viewers to contribute. Ze produced the short programmes every day for a year and effectively created vlogging. He commented and consulted on the new world of social, viral and user-generated media before following the show with the a show, funded by a Kickstarter campaign.

Although a show has ended, Ze continues to blog and appear in online and traditional media. He has written extensively on social media, digital content and online platforms and the importance that technology always contains some creativity and humanity. He has produced four TED speeches on humour and the web, founded a games company, and now works with BuzzFeed and their attempts to incorporate video and YouTube into their news service. Ze also speaks extensively on everything online, the nature of successful viral campaigns, and creative technology.

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