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TV Personality from The Chase and Barrister

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Regarded as one of the most intelligent men in Britain, Shaun is a star on ITV’s The Chase. He shot to fame when he won Mastermind, before becoming one of the formidable Chasers. He’s also a fully trained barrister, and is known for his hard work, pleasant manner with clients and a very persuasive court style.


Hailed as one of the best brains in Britain, Shaun Wallace stars on The Chase, acting as one of the Chasers who uses his academic excellence to outwit contestants. He is also a practising barrister and lecturer. Placing in the top three hundred people worldwide at the World Quizzing Championships, Shaun’s talents are recognised globally. He came to national prominence when he became the first black person to win Mastermind with his specialist subject being FA Cup finals. Shaun has also appeared on The Weakest Link, Celebrity Catchphrase and Countdown, proving he really is brilliantly brainy.

He has been a reporter for Good Morning Britain investigating the rise in racial tensions around the world in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Having experienced racism throughout his life, Shaun described his experiences of repeated racial profiling by the police despite his legal and television career. Shaun appeared in the Channel 5 documentary Racism: My Story, and candidly shared the experiences that define Britain's racism. After being told that he would never make it as a lawyer, with determined resolve Shaun proved his critics wrong, dismantling the stereotypes projected onto him in his youth.

Shaun has been a Criminal Defence Advocate for nearly thirty four years and has worked tirelessly on cases ranging from murder to money laundering to firearms to drug trafficking. He holds a BA in Law from Inns of Court School of Law. Shaun continues to maintain his professional career aside from his media commitments. He has contributed to hearings as legal counsel, across the country, and is also a member of the Jamaican Bar. Currently, a member of Great James Street Chambers, Shaun also acts as a lecturer, teaching in subjects like environmental law and health and safety law.

His autobiography Chasing the Dream transformed his varied career into an entertaining read. It reveals how his passions helped turn him into the man he is today: staunchly just and fair, ruthless when he needs to be, kind, fun, and a fiercely loyal friend.


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