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Founding CEO, Egg & First Direct

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Mike launched the world’s first major telephone and internet banks before moving into personal data protection. He believes future growth will come by creating a high performance environment that encourages innovation across service and product development. He talks about innovation and technology-driven change and how to implement it despite financial, organisational and IT barriers – and how to build an irresistible and infectious brand experience


The founder of Egg, First Direct and Garlik, Mike Harris helps leaders and entrepreneurs in all sizes of organisations to achieve breakthrough results. He also headed an RBS innovation unit which provided internal teams with funding and fast track development. In each area of activity, he specialised in identifying technology-driven opportunities.

Mike believes there is no end game; the only hope for any business is to stay one or two steps ahead of the competition. His own approach is to create business models which fundamentally challenge and transform the industries in which they operate. He has a systematic approach to implementing value-adding innovation: stop being satisfied with the way things are, challenge accepted limitations, disarm cultural and other barriers and focus on improving the overall customer experience.

Presentations include a wealth of practical tips, real-life examples and hands-on techniques which can be applied directly to personal and professional development. Mike always seeks to be both provocative and inspirational.

After becoming the founding CEO of First Direct, Mike headed the first competitor to BT’s UK monopoly, Mercury Communications. He went on to establish and lead Egg, Britain’s first internet bank before then co-founding Garlick, a data and identity security company now a part of the consumer credit report giant Experian. Mike has published a number of books. How Not To Fail At The Big Stuff looks at common business errors and how we might learn from other people’s mistakes. That’ll Never Work! explores why many attempts at innovation fail - whilst others succeed against all the odds. And Find Your Lightbulb considers innovation, ideas, and making them a reality.

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