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Science and Technology presenter

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Maddie is a popular science and technology presenter both online and on TV. Whether exploring the wonders of the natural world on BBC Earth’s Youtube channel, testing electric vehicles for Fully Charged or teaching children about the wonders of everyday objects, Maddie’s high energy and enthusiasm for all things science and technology inspires audiences young and old alike.


Maddie Moate is an award-winning presenter sharing accessible science and technology content on TV and online. She hosts Maddie’s Do You Know? and Show Me the Honey on the BBC’s children’s channels and has a large following online with her educational Youtube content. The focus of all her work is to inspire people, young and old, to stay curious, adventurous and passionate. 

Her career in technology presenting began with an online comedy series on LadyGeek TV, with sketches covering everyday tech issues, such as apps and online security from a woman’s perspective. She was soon approached to host O2 Guru TV and the online content for Channel 4’s Home of the Future. Her YouTube presence led to her presenting BBC Earth’s YouTube channel Earth Unplugged where she investigates the mysteries of our planet and gets into adventures including hatching alligators, being covered in leeches and even swimming with prehistoric fish! She is also been a part of the YouTube channel, Fully Charged, which covers everything about renewable energy. 

Aside from digital content, Maddie is the resident technology expert on BBC 5 Love’s Saturday Edition and has features on This Morning and Good Morning Britain. She also hosts Maddie’s Sound Explorers, a podcast exploring the sound of science, and written Stuff: Eco-Stories of Everyday Stuff about the creative ways in which objects are made, used and reused. 

Whether hosting big technology conferences or inspiring schoolchildren to get inspired by science, she brings high energy to any presenting role and her enthusiasm leaves audiences and panellists engaged.

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