Jonnie Peacock MBE

Jonnie Peacock MBE

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100m Paralympic Champion

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After losing his leg to meningococcal septicaemia as a child, Jonnie was spotted by scouts and sprinted to T44 100m Paralympic victory – beating Pistorius.


Jonnie Peacock became one of the stars of the London 2012 Paralympics when he surprised many by taking gold in the T44 100m competition.

Just a couple of months before the Paralympics, Jonnie broke the 100m record to become the world’s fastest Paralympian. At the London games, he was the youngest athlete in a final many suggested contained the best Paralympic sprinters ever seen.

It had been a long journey since, at the age of five, Jonnie contracted meningitis which killed tissue in his right leg. After an amputation Jonnie was itching to return to playing sport. Subsequent operations didn’t dim his sporting fervour, initially wanting to play football (as his grandfather had done for both Liverpool and Everton), but turned to running via a Paralympic talent day.

Fourteen years later Jonnie took on his first international race in the Paralympic World Cup. A month later he was the world record holder. Two months after that, he was the Paralympic champion and record holder.

Many commentators believe Jonnie to be one of the most naturally gifted Paralympians in the world and that he will inevitably compete against able bodied athlete at some point in his career.

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